Clark County Legislative Update

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While the session concluded in April, I am happy to say that through interim committee meetings and continual correspondence with constituents, great progress has been made for the 28th District. We still have work to do, but I remain steadfast in my commitment to the citizens who sent me to Frankfort to get things done. The following is an update on areas of concern for Clark County and what my office has done to address them:


Many have contacted me about road concerns from speed-limit enforcement and accident prevention to repair and reconstruction efforts. Those concerns have been heard and are being addressed, even as I write this.

Specifically, I am working to address speeding concerns that residents have about drivers on McClure and Becknerville Roads. I have reached out to the Transportation Cabinet and have discussed lowering the speed limit on both roads, while also working with the Sheriff’s office to increase enforcement of the current posted speed limit. This is an ongoing process but is something that I am dedicated to addressing.

Many roads in our district are in need of repairs; the recent winter was wet and nasty, and the need is great all across the state.  I understand the burden this has placed on our local road crews. I can assure all of you that the upcoming 2016 Session of the General Assembly will address these road projects.  As a member of the Appropriations and Revenue Committee, I am perfectly situated to ensure that Clark County roads are given the priority they deserve when money is allocated in the budget.

Local Affairs

Back in June, Judge Henry Branham, Magistrate Robert Blanton, representatives from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and I met in our district to discuss the building of a boat ramp to give travelers access to the Kentucky River. Many remember the days when the area

above the dam was a tourist haven with swimming and boating along the river. We hope the placement of this boat ramp will revitalize the district by allowing boaters access to the waters. The application for the ramp was filed, and the 60-day deadline for approval is nearly up. I will continue to monitor the status of the application and update you when we have more information to share.

Also, in June I sent a letter to Judge Branham advocating my support for a grant application which, if awarded, would provide funds to rehabilitate the Sphar & Co. Seed Building in downtown Winchester. Our downtown district is truly special and the Sphar & Co. Seed Building is a local landmark that can be put to better use.  I’m happy to report that one million dollars in federal grant money was awarded, and the rehabilitation project will begin shortly.

While my work in Frankfort is certainly of high importance, nothing outweighs the work I do for the people back home who trust me to represent their interests in Frankfort. I am proud of the work we have done to address individual constituent concerns. We have flown flags, recognized the passing of our beloved citizens, and addressed issues with insurance problems, college costs, and local property disputes involving pipelines, industrial machinery, and lagoon facilities. My staff and I stand ready to assist you in any way we can, and we appreciate the opportunity to do so.

For those who wish to learn more on-line, please find my page on Facebook ( and click on the link provided in this same editorial.

Thanks, God bless, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!