My passion for health care is about improving the quality of life in rural Kentucky. As a physician and father, I feel compelled to help our Kentucky families receive access to affordable health care options – options where patients have the power, not the government.

As your Senator, I have sponsored legislation to remove burdensome patient restrictions and regulations within our healthcare system. During the more recent 2017 legislative session, I served on the Health & Welfare committee (Vice Chair). This position allows me to take a greater role in the legislative process and to prevent bad policy decisions from being made on the behalf of our medical workers.
As a practicing physician, I am intently aware of the abuses of our medical system carried out by physicians and patients. I routinely see patients with Medicaid and I work with other physicians who see Medicaid patients. I am cognizant of the increasing medical needs of our families. There is a shortage of 2,500 doctors in Kentucky – this pressing issue is one of many that I will work to mend while in office. My top priority is to keep health insurance premiums from crippling our families and our businesses. Such a move could then cause our businesses to lay off local employees.

Breast cancer is a huge problem in our country, affecting one in eight women. When my wife was first diagnosed, our family went through the many ups and downs that accompany a life-threatening verdict. That terrible experience has strengthened my confidence in mammograms and early detection. The costs of screening for some types of cancer are still expensive, but catching the disease early can help tremendously. I will continue to be a voice for prevention and healthy lifestyle choices as well as put forth policy changes to improve the health care options available to us. A well-oiled system will achieve great results for our communities who need help most.

During the 2017 legislative session, I served on the Appropriations and Revenue committee. I stand for dynamic, forward-looking, and fiscally responsible economic policies that maximize opportunity for entrepreneurs, workers, and investors. Cut taxes for hardworking Kentuckians, roll back burdensome regulations, and get our economy moving again.

As the owner of a medical practice, I’ve lived through the hardships that small business owners face to keep the doors open. I know what it means to grow a company, meet a payroll, and balance budgets. I also know that all of our counties in the 28th district should receive the resources they need to attract businesses. In order to attract larger employers, we will need to develop infrastructure when affordable and reduce taxes.
I will work to cut wasteful government expenditures in Frankfort that choke our local economies. Kentucky has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Taxpayers deserve more transparency and an efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

We must continue to make use of one of our state’s greatest natural resource, coal. I cannot overstate this. We should also work towards clean coal technologies and maintain our state’s affordable utility rates.

In tandem, we should consider Kentucky as the perfect place to work on alternative fuel sources. Our state government should make efforts to provide tax benefits to citizens who invest in wind energy, solar energy, and geo-thermal energy for their own residential or commercial use. Kentucky should ally itself with the automotive industry and begin establishing ethanol and bio-diesel production plants throughout our commonwealth. We would be able to use agricultural byproducts and coal to produce this alternative fuel, which would not only benefit our environment, but also help our country by providing us some independence from foreign sources of energy. Ethanol and bio-diesel production may help attract the automotive industry and its research to Kentucky along with more attractive higher paying jobs.

This fundamental freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution. I would oppose any legislation that bans the lawful manufacture, possession, ownership, purchase, sale, or transfer of any firearm. During the 2015 Regular Session, I supported legislation that streamlines the concealed carry permit and other restrictions on self-defense.

As a father, I believe in the strictest possible legislation to protect our families from sex offenders, on-line child predators, and DUI violators. As a practicing physician, I find it imperative to rid our communities of drug abuse and the criminals who distribute these drugs on our streets. We need severe penalties for drug dealers, rehabilitation for those who need help, and education that protects our children from this horrible disease.

There is surely a remarkable increase in heroin and prescription pill abuse that is overwhelming many Kentucky communities. Especially hard-hit have been Northern Kentucky, Louisville and Lexington. As a legislator, I will continue to do what I can to increase public education, access to treatment, enhanced penalties for major traffickers, and access to opioid-blocking, overdose medication.
Funding our schools is essential. We continue to see our teachers underpaid and our classrooms lacking necessary supplies. Instead of just throwing money at this issue, legislators must do their job to protect our educational structure while also smoothing out tangled administrations. When run properly, our parents and teachers should not have to continually fund school projects from their own pockets. Our goals should be set high to make Kentucky a top 10 educational state in the country.
It’s time to balance our budgets and pay down our debt. We cannot keep spending money we don’t have and the sooner we correct our past mistakes, the sooner we can focus on creating fulfilling jobs that keep the economy growing. If we want to create a growing economy, we must also cut back on unnecessary regulations.
As part of our enduring commitment to our men and women in uniform, we must do all we can to support our veterans. That also includes our troops on the ground around the globe.
I am pro-life because all human life has dignity and should be protected, especially the lives of the defenseless.