I support conservative family values for Kentucky. I am 100% pro-life and believe in defending the rights of the unborn child. I also believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. Kentucky’s future lies in the strength of our family unit.
I wholeheartedly support our second amendment right that guarantees an individual the right to keep and bear arms. I would oppose any legislation that bans the lawful manufacture, possession, ownership, purchase, sale, or transfer of any firearm. I would support legislation that would make it easier for law-abiding citizens to obtain a concealed carry permit and ease restrictions on where permit holders may lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense.

As a father, I also believe in the strictest possible legislation to protect our families from sex offenders, on-line child predators, and DUI violators. As a practicing physician, I find it imperative to rid our communities of drug abuse and the criminals who distribute these drugs on our streets. We need to strive for severe penalties for drug dealers, rehabilitation for those who seek help from addiction, and a stronger family unit that will help educate and protect our children from this growing vice.

As the former owner of a medical practice, I understand firsthand the hardships small business owners face to keep the doors open. If elected, I will work hard to make sure all counties in the 28th district receive the resources they need to attract businesses and grow the local economy. In order to attract large employers, we will need to develop infrastructure when affordable, and reduce taxes.

I will be focused on attracting jobs to the district and cutting wasteful government expenditures in Frankfort. Kentucky has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Taxpayers deserve to have a voice in Frankfort who is not afraid to stand up for more transparency and who will work hard to cut wasteful programs so money is used more efficiently.

Currently, Kentucky is not a business friendly state. When times were good, we routinely lost opportunities to neighboring states with a better tax structure than we have. Many of those states are still financially strong despite a bad national economy. Kentucky should not waste its time in making unnecessary mistakes and learning from them. We need to follow the lead of those states that are already successful.

I have a passion for health care issues and improving the quality of life in rural Kentucky. Like many people, I’m alarmed by what’s happening in Washington and Barack Obama’s plans to destroy our health care system with a costly government takeover that will only saddle our children and grandchildren with more debt. As a physician and father, I’m compelled to get involved and make sure Kentucky families receive access to affordable health care options where patients have the power, not the government. I am opposed to government run healthcare.

If elected, I would propose legislation to place a constitutional amendment for medical liability tort reform before the voters of Kentucky. 68% of Kentuckians support the idea of capping medical malpractice claims for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, our current senator has not given the voters the opportunity to speak out against medical junk lawsuits. Instead, while our legislators fail to act, Kentucky has fallen behind the rest of the country on tort reform and continues to see a steady erosion and departure of medical specialists to neighboring states. Medical liability insurance is up over 200% for emergency department doctors and up over 64% for obstetrician/gynecologists. Over 1/4 of the physicians surveyed by the Kentucky Medical Association in 2005 were considering leaving the state due to this issue. Is it any wonder why there is a shortage of 2,500 doctors in Kentucky?

As a practicing physician who sees patients with Medicaid and deals with physicians who see Medicaid patients, I am intently aware of the abuses of our medical system by both physicians and patients. I am also cognizant of the increasing medical needs of our families. We currently have NO physicians in our State Senate to handle the onslaught of complex medical problems facing our commonwealth in the years to come. I am humbly asking for your vote of confidence to tackle this pressing issue.

Adequate funding of our schools is essential and on every candidate’s annual agenda. We are devoting approximately 60% of our state budget on education, yet we continue to see our teachers underpaid and our classrooms with a lack of necessary supplies. Instead of just throwing money at this problem every year, legislators must do their job and revisit the efficiency of our current educational structure. Due to our statewide structure of 120 counties, we have a cumbersome administration of our schools. Kentucky ranks 49th out of 50 in administrator to teacher ratio. I would see a benefit in consolidation of administrative responsibilities and channeling the millions saved back into our classrooms. If run properly, our parents and teachers should not have to continually fund school projects from their own pockets. Our goals should be set high to make Kentucky a top 10 educational State in the Union.
The wave of the future in our country is to find alternative fuel sources. Kentucky should become a leader in this endeavor. Our state government should make efforts to provide tax benefits to citizens who invest in wind energy, solar energy, and geo-thermal energy for their own residential and/or commercial use. We must also continue to make use of one of our state’s greatest natural resources, coal. We should further clean coal technologies in order to maintain or state’s affordable utility rates.

Kentucky should ally itself with the automotive industry and begin establishing ethanol and bio-diesel production plants throughout our commonwealth. We would be able to use agricultural byproducts and coal to produce this alternative fuel, which would not only benefit our environment, but also help our country by providing us some independence from foreign sources of energy. Ethanol and bio-diesel production may help attract the automotive industry and its research to Kentucky along with more attractive higher paying jobs.